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Growing our portfolio through value-creating acquisitions and operational improvements.

Global Catering is a joint venture with the world’s biggest inflight catering, Gate Gourmet. It has three kitchen facilities strategically located near the Philippines’ key airports in Manila and Clark. Global Catering’s kitchen units can offer Halal expertise. There is a designated Halal kitchen area certified by Malaysia Airlines. This said facility and its operations to prepare such specialty food are inspected every year. Above all, the country’s leading inflight catering firm operates under the most stringent health and safety regulations in the food service industry. It prides itself as a trusted supplier that puts food safety and operational security as top priorities. Global Catering Website


Formerly Micronesian Telecommunications Corp, IT&E was a part of Verizon International. CITADEL acquired IT&E in 2005 after successfully navigating the US CIFUS process and the Federal Communications Commission. In 2006, a partnership was established with Sumitomo Corporation, one of Japan’s largest trading houses, which invested in the company as part of its telecommunications push. The company acquired IT&E in Guam, and together, became the largest wireless provider in Micronesia. The entire company was renamed IT&E. IT&E was the first in the region to offer 3G services with the launch of CDMA EVDO in 2009. It soon followed with the launch of 4G LTE in 2011. IT&E Website


IP&E Holdings, LLC. owns and operates retail, commercial, and distribution assets across the islands of Guam, Saipan, and the Republic of Palau.

The activities of the company include logistics, retail service station and terminal operations, as well as distribution of commercial, aviation and marine fuels, and lubricants in the North Pacific region. IP&E has the rights to sell Shell-branded retail products through a licensing agreement with Shell. The company also launched its own high end convenience store brand called FOODY’s which has been very successful. The company’s vision is to lead the Micronesian petroleum industry by providing the highest quality products and services available. The company continues to win customers by demonstrating a commitment not only to safety and reliability, but also to flexibility to make adjustments in the local market. IP&E Website


Isla Petroleum & Gas Corporation (IP&G) is a joint venture company formed by Isla Petroleum and Energy Company Ltd. and ITOCHU Corporation of Japan.

The corporation was formed to supply, market, and distribute LPG in the Philippines. Formerly, part of Shell, the company is now widely recognized as having the highest brand preference in the country, through its own brand Solane. In 2019, it distributed close to 250,000 tons of LPG around the country. IP&G operates ten LPG refilling plants in the Philippines, and boasts a nationwide distribution system consisting of more than 80 distributors and approximately 10,000 points of sale located in various parts of the Philippines. IP&G has also been a leader in promoting lower carbon emissions by spearheading the conversion of various large scale users of bunker fuel to LPG. The company is also extremely proud of its safety record boasting 19 million man hours without any lost time injury. It is because of this reputation for safety above all else that IP&G is the choice of multinational companies all over the country. IP&G Website

From 1 July 2021, IP&E GBA acquired EssoLPG and become the authorized Esso/ Mobil LPG Brand Licensee in Hong Kong and Macau.

As a licensee of Esso/Mobil Gas, we are committed to offering you high-quality products and value customer experience through our extensive distribution network, intensive industry expertise and professional customer service representative continuously. We also have a strong commitment to sustainable development. In the future, we will put effort into maintaining a balance between making profit and fulfilling the company’s responsibilities towards the community and environment IPEGBA Website


MHI is a trusted service provider with deep experience in client-services through its various operating businesses and a track record of long-standing relationships with global blue-chip clients.

Founded in 1997, MHI expanded from ground handling support and became a one-stop-shop for both carriers and passengers across major airports in the Philippines. The company has now diversified to be a leading service provider engaged in airline catering, manpower training and deployment, and warehousing.